Murdered Fire Captain Was Involved in a Drug Conspiracy

Murdered Fire Captain

A Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue captain was fatally shot by an associate who helped him in the illegal distribution of prescription drugs. Jay Rind accidentally shot Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue Capt. James Gilliard while showing him a gun. Upon further investigation, authorities discovered that the murdered fire captain was involved in a drug conspiracy in which he and his partner would sell prescription drugs for profit. Traces of the same prescription drugs were found in the assailant’s system, which contributed to his behavior.

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Palm Beach County Fire Captain’s Involvement in A Drug Conspiracy

A prescription drug conspiracy in Palm Beach County was discovered after a fire rescue captain was shot and killed by his partner in crime. Rind told authorities that he buys and sells jewelry and met Gilliard at a pawn shop the latter owned at the time. On the night of the incident, Rind was showing Gilliard a gun he wanted to sell to him when it went off, causing a wound in the fire captain’s abdomen that proved fatal. Before reviewing cell phone exchanges between Rind and Gilliard, authorities were unaware that the murdered fire captain was involved in a drug conspiracy. These cell phone exchanges revealed that the meeting was actually a drug exchange and the gun was going to be an additional part of the deal.1 Additional text messages that were later discovered proved that most of their meetings involved buying, trading, or selling drugs. 

After being arrested, James was formally charged with third-degree murder and improper exhibition of a firearm; but the charges don’t end there. Prosecutors later added morphine trafficking charges and charges of conspiracy to sell prescription drugs, including oxycodone, amphetamines, and morphine.1 Deals and meetings that occurred between Rind and Gilliard pointed to a larger prescription drug conspiracy than authorities imagined. Rind would take trips back and forth to Mexico to either receive or distribute these drugs and allowed Gilliard to help him in the distribution process.

As authorities reported, Rind had an excessive amount of these drugs in his system. Any form of drug abuse could cause adverse effects and lead the person to behave in ways they wouldn’t if they were sober. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first incident that involves drugs, and it won’t be the last.


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