Addiction Programs at Seaside Palm Beach

We understand that addiction is a serious disease that affects people differently and can have a negative impact on various aspects of a person’s life. After you take that first step by seeking professional addiction treatment programs, what follows is a long road of hard work and determination in order to not only give up your addiction but to stay sober in the long run. Our luxury treatment center in Palm Beach offers a variety of drug addiction programs to help you through every step of the way.

Levels of Care Available

Our addiction programs include various levels of care to help patients in different stages of the recovery process. From those people struggling to get their loved one help to people looking for a drug addiction program that caters to their lifestyle, our treatment center in Palm Beach is here. We help patients from the beginning as they transition from being dependent on a drug to their first time back in their normal routine. Because treatment doesn’t stop when you walk out our doors, our patients become part of the Banyan family and have access to a support system even if they leave the South Florida area.

Our programs include

Unique Addiction Recovery Programs

Addiction is a comprehensive disease that requires comprehensive treatment in order for patients to confidently and successfully move forward with their lives and avoid a relapse. At Seaside Palm Beach, our addiction treatment programs are designed with this idea in mind.

With our holistic addiction treatment, we work to address all of the areas of your life that addiction may have damaged or ruined completely. Through these addiction programs and therapies, we are able to combat substance abuse on every level. Some of these unique therapies include a spiritual program and family program. With these addiction recovery programs, patients have the opportunity to find faith and to repair those important relationships that were probably damaged because of their addiction.

Because of the toxicity of addiction, this disease is often related to poor mental health as well. Whether a mental health is the root of your problems or your addiction has created these issues, our dual diagnosis and mental health treatment is there to help those struggling with more than just their body’s dependence on a drug.

Unlike most other addiction rehabs, our executive drug rehab also allows high-profile business men and women to work during their time in recovery while they continue to enjoy the lifestyle that they have become accustomed to.

Whether you struggle with alcohol abuse or you are watching your child become addicted to drugs, we want to help. Our various levels of care are available to assist you through every stage of this journey, and our unique addiction programs are designed to address all of the problems that your addiction caused. You can reach out to our rehab in Florida to learn more about our facility and start on your road to recovery. Do not wait any longer.