How to Know If You’re an Alcoholic

addicted to alcohol

How often is too often? How much is too much?

There is a fine line between the two, but there is a big difference between casual drinking and alcoholism. While drinking alcohol is often considered a fun social activity, it can be so much more to some people. Because alcohol is an addictive substance, it is important that you are aware of the warning signs of alcoholism so that you can get help with our holistic addiction treatment in South Florida.

Signs of Alcoholism

While it may be easy to make excuses about your drinking habits, it is time to face the truth. Are you addicted to alcohol? Do you suspect that your loved one is a high-functioning alcoholic? At Seaside Palm Beach, we want you to know the signs of alcoholism so that you can get help. Our luxury rehab in Florida has compiled a list of scenarios of people who have taken drinking too far.

Joe started drinking heavily after his divorce. A year later, he continues to drink home alone almost every night.

Susan is a lawyer at a big law firm. With such a high stress job, she drinks wine throughout the day during work. She tells herself that it’s just to cope with the pressure.

Josiah has always been the life of the party. He is the first one to pull out a bottle for a big occasion. Lately, every event has turned into a big occasion and even when others aren’t so keen to join in, Josiah is happy to drink alone.

Bethany’s friends have started to question her drinking habits. She’s begun to hide her drinking from them and tell lies about how often she drinks. Her lying is starting to hurt these friendships.

Richard has stopped drinking for a few days and has felt sick ever since. He is sweating, irritated, restless, nauseous, and has a nonstop headache. These withdrawal symptoms seem to be getting worse.

Sam likes to drink, but he thinks alcohol doesn’t affect him the way it does others. He frequently drives after drinking but recently received a DWI.

Do any of these sound like you? If so, then it is time to get help with our luxury alcohol rehab in Florida. Because substance abuse often goes hand in hand with mental health disorders, we also provide mental health treatment in Palm Beach.

If you or a loved one is teetering on the fence between causal drinking and alcoholism, get help now with our treatment programs. Do not let alcohol control your life or your future.

Reach out to us today at 561-677-9374 to take your life back and learn more about our luxury drug and alcohol rehab in South Florida.

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