Luxury PHP Program

Addiction is a devastating disease for both the addict and their loved ones.

If not treated properly, it can even lead to dire consequences. Do not let addiction control your life or your loved one’s life. A luxury partial hospitalization program could be what you need to regain control and get your life back on the right track.

Our Luxury PHP in Florida

While most patients require our luxury detox program to start their recovery journey, a partial hospitalization program (PHP) is an important step in the recovery process that follows. A luxury PHP is designed to provide 24-hour care for people fighting addiction in the most comfortable settings possible. While most rehabs have the basics in place, at Seaside Palm Beach, our patients get to combat their substance abuse problems at our beautiful luxury rehab facility in Florida. We understand that addiction treatment shouldn’t have to compromise your lifestyle, so our facility keeps this in mind.

Effective Programming & Therapies

Although our location has a higher end feel than most other treatment centers, our main goal is still to help our patients overcome their addictions and achieve long-lasting sobriety. In order to do so, our luxury PHP uses a variety of treatment programs and therapies to give patients an abundance of tools to use during their recovery.

The programs take place five to seven days of the week and are eight hours a day. As part of our luxury addiction PHP program, patients will spend their days participating in holistic addiction treatment programs as they address the physical, mental, and spiritual scars that their addiction left behind. They will have the opportunity to participate in both group and private individual therapy sessions so that they can speak both privately about their problems as well as connect with other people who are struggling with addiction. We also offer a variety of other therapy programs such as acupuncture, aquatic yoga, SMART therapy, and more for comprehensive healing.

Luxury PHP with 24-Hour Support

Although programming takes place during the day, treatment doesn’t just stop there. We know that you are vulnerable during recovery at all hours of the day, so we offer 24-hour support to make sure you stay on track. Outside of our daily programming, we recommend sober living facilities in the area for our patients so that they have 24-hour supervision. Not only will they have access to our staff members, but they will also be surrounded by peers in similar situations that can act as another form of support.

When you are not attending treatment programs, we recommend you attend outside 12-step meetings and participate in healthy recreational activities and exercise programs. It is our hope that this will help you develop a healthy routine that will carry over into your normal life when treatment is over.

Do not live in regret for not taking action. Whether you need help personally for substance abuse or you want to get someone you care about into our treatment facility, contact us today.