Luxury Residential Rehab

An Extra Level of Care in Luxury Residential Rehab

If it were easy to break a drug dependency or alcoholism, there wouldn’t be more than 23 million Americans addicted to drugs and alcohol. For each addict, there are specific catalysts and triggers that lead to substance abuse. Without first identifying and eliminating these catalysts in luxury residential rehab, breaking addiction becomes even more difficult.

The most effective way to treat a person’s addiction is to remove them from their current life situation and place them in a supportive, protective and therapeutic environment free of drugs or alcohol. The residential drug and alcohol rehab program at Seaside Palm Beach combines beautiful and cathartic scenery with expert addiction care and psychological treatment to help patients begin the process of changing and rebuilding their lives.

A Change in Scenery Frees Patients from Distractions

Seaside Palm Beach offers an intensive outpatient drug and alcohol rehab which has seen much success, but it does not compare to the effectiveness of our residential rehab. This is because our inpatient rehab immerses patients in their recovery, eliminating distractions and temptations in the process.

This period away from everyone and everything allows patients to gain greater clarity about who they are, who they want to be and the damage addiction has caused. Daily counseling sessions, mental health therapies, holistic remedies and numerous activities based therapies are just a small fraction of our available modalities.

Complete Care for Total Healing

A large portion of drug and alcohol rehab programs focus solely on breaking a person’s addiction, instead of focusing on the root of their addictions. This insufficient technique is also often employed by people trying to rehab themselves, leading to a failed or incomplete effort. Addiction is not a choice – it’s a progressive disease which erodes through a person’s life.

Residential rehab gives patients a chance to rebuild and recreate themselves in a new life of sobriety, armed with tools, education and confidence to move forward in recovery.