Tips for Self-Care in Recovery from Addiction

Tips for Self-Care in Recovery from Addiction

When you start to abuse drugs or alcohol, you may find that these substances become your whole world. You may neglect your regular responsibilities or your needs in favor of getting high or drunk. It is not unusual to prioritize these substances above everything else when you are an addict, but when you decide to get sober, it is time to prioritize your sobriety as well as yourself again.

Why Self-Care for Addicts in Recovery Is So Important

A substance abuse disorder often means neglecting everything in favor of that drug. This type of thinking can lead to bad habits and can be damaging to both the addict’s physical and mental health. During recovery, it is important to take time to heal in these areas; the best way to do this is to practice good self-care habits.

The importance of taking care of yourself in recovery should not be understated. Self-care promotes not only long-term sobriety but also healthy living. You need to focus on rebuilding your life without drugs or alcohol. If these practices are ignored, the consequences could be a downslide back into addiction.

Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care in Sobriety

Treatment is just the beginning. It is important to practice self-care in recovery long after you complete your standard or luxury treatment programs to ensure that you stay on the right track and continue to progress forward.

Take Time to Relax

Addiction recovery is stressful, and stress can be a serious relapse trigger, but self-care in recovery, taking time out of life’s chaos, can help reduce this stress. You can do something as simple as going for a walk or take a bath, but you should also take the time to practice the relaxation techniques you learned during treatment such as meditation and mindfulness.

Build a Good Support System

Especially if you were in a standard or luxury dual diagnosis program, you need to continue to take care of your mental health outside of treatment. One of the best ways to go about this is to find a good community of support. Having plenty of people you trust to reach out to can help you through the tougher times in recovery and keep you from bottling your negative emotions inside.

Create A Healthy Routine Regularly

The best way to practice self-care for recovering addicts is to create a healthy routine. Addiction can often lead to a poor diet, bad sleep habits, and little physical activity. The toxins in these substances can also be damaging to your physical health. In recovery, it is important to focus on a more nutritious diet, better sleep patterns, and regular exercise. All are important factors that influence overall well-being.

Do Something Enjoyable

Sobriety should be fun. Instead of shutting yourself inside to try and avoid drug triggers, you need to make time regularly to do activities you enjoy. Especially if you relied on drugs or alcohol to have fun when you were an addict, you might need to relearn how to enjoy yourself without these substances. With time, you will find that you do not miss drugs or alcohol at all.

Self-care in recovery, whether you are still in treatment or you have returned to your normal life, is vital to achieving lasting sobriety. At Seaside Palm Beach, we offer luxury rehab amenities to make taking care of yourself during addiction treatment even easier. We also help patients prepare for life outside of our facility by teaching them various therapy techniques to practice self-care that they can carry over to their everyday lives.

Addiction recovery is a difficult journey and not one that anyone should have to go about alone. If you or someone you love is battling a substance abuse problem, the time is now to ask for help.

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