Holistic Therapies

illustration of two hands opened and upright with a list of several different holistic therapies shown above them The use of holistic therapies in substance abuse treatment can provide individuals additional elements of support to increase their chances of remaining sober and healthy. Although many people view holistic therapies as “new age” or spiritual as opposed to scientific, numerous studies have shown a correlation between their use and enhanced treatment efficacy. At Seaside Palm Beach, we employ a variety of holistic therapies that have been proven to improve the results of substance abuse treatment when combined with more traditional approaches.

The luxury holistic therapy programs at Seaside Palm Beach were created to help our clients explore and discover the connection between mental health and physical health. Our goal is to help them achieve an overall balance of health, encompassing mind, body and spirit. This feeling of balance is essential to maintaining a new and healthy lifestyle post-treatment, enabling those in recovery to resist the temptation of falling into their old destructive patterns of substance-abusing behavior.

clip art image of a ying yang symbolSeaside Palm Beach has several programs aimed at healing the mind and identifying individual spirituality, while others focus on providing education about physical health, proper nutrition and developing a healthy lifestyle. Many individuals who suffer from addiction have seen a decline in their physical and mental health as a result, and these programs are here to help them get back on track and stay there for the rest of their lives. Holistic therapies can prove invaluable in helping to build up the reserves of inner strength that all recovering substance abusers need in order to avoid relapse, create new and healthy lifestyles, and find deep meaning and purpose to their lives.