Your Alcohol Addiction Struggle

Family and friends may be important sources of strength in a post-alcoholism life, but you cannot gain power from anyone else until you first find it within yourself. This is where our holistic alcohol rehab program will be able to help.  Developed out of the belief that physical, mental, and spiritual wellness are key to lasting independence from alcohol addiction, our programs are designed for lasting sobriety. At Seaside Palm Beach, our holistic alcohol treatment offers a variety of ways to pursue comprehensive health while also overcoming your addiction to alcohol.

Our Holistic Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

Because addiction is more than just a physical ailment, our mental health treatment in Palm Beach is used in conjunction with our alcohol detox program to aid in your recovery process. Patients will have at their disposal an arsenal of tools and holistic therapies for cultivating physical, mental, and spiritual health. Our luxury residential addiction treatment center in Palm Beach provides the safe, private, and comfortable environment you need to overcome your drinking addiction once and for all.

Our holistic approach to alcohol addiction treatment involves healing your mind, body, and soul along the way. As part of our Luxury rehab in Palm Beach, we offer meditation exercises, yoga, t’ai chi, nutrition counseling, and other forms of fitness activities and education to help you achieve and maintain physical wellness during the recovery process. Our in-depth group and individual counseling sessions are used to nurture your emotional needs and provide you with a support system to give you hope for recovery and a bright future. During this time, we hope that you look within and learn more about the root of your addiction. Our family program can help your family move forward together and repair the cracks left behind from your addiction. We also offer a spirituality recovery program to provide those willing with a healthy dose of faith in the recovery process.

Perhaps the most valuable part of holistic alcohol treatment is the strength with which it equips patients once they complete their program. The tragic reality of many conventional rehab programs is that once the actual inpatient course of treatment is completed, patients can forget what they have learned and may succumb to relapse. Our holistic alcohol rehab offers relapse prevention, helping patients form coping and resistance strategies to rebuild self-confidence and ease reintegration into everyday life post-treatment.

Immediate and Future Benefits of Holistic Alcohol Rehab

At Seaside, we do more than just drug and alcohol detox in Palm Beach. Our holistic addiction treatment program in South Florida not only offers severance and solace from alcoholism, but also it provides patients with a new philosophy of pride and wellness that can be utilized in many of life’s situations. If you or a loved is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, contact our alcoholism treatment team today to begin your journey to a better life.

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