Why Holistic Addiction Treatment Works

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Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction includes customized programming specific to the individual’s needs and the severity of the addiction.

There are many unique approaches to substance abuse treatment that successfully help the individual reach long-term sobriety. Holistic treatment for addiction is one approach that heals the addicted individual’s mind, body, and spirit. Many addiction treatment centers incorporate holistic therapies into their treatment programs with other evidence-based practices. Holistic treatment aims to create a balance of health for an individual and this can be very influential during the recovery process. Our luxury rehab in South Florida utilizes this approach to help our patients discover the connection between mental health and physical health. We explain why holistic addiction treatment has been so successful.

What is Holistic Treatment?

 Holistic treatment uses a variety of tactics to help an individual heal mentally, physically, and spiritually. This approach focuses on healing all aspects of an addicted individual and not just the addiction or behavior itself. Instead of just getting addiction treatment, patients can also expect mental health treatment to work on their co-occurring disorders. One can expect to participate in yoga, meditation, reiki, acupuncture, and more during holistic treatment. Finding a balance and understanding how to change negative thought patterns is a focal point in holistic therapy and it can be very instrumental for the recovery process. Those who successfully complete holistic treatment for addiction can easily navigate their feelings and emotions in sobriety.

This approach has been effective for so many people because they are better able to cope with the hardships faced outside of treatment. Long-term sobriety is a main outcome for so many people who go through a holistic rehab program. Individuals feel that they are experiencing a productive recovery process when they are being treated on all levels instead of just a behavioral one. When the treatment plan integrates holistic therapy with traditional forms of therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy, the chances of a successful recovery journey increase.

Seaside Palm Beach can help struggling addicts overcome any addiction and lead more productive lives. Our luxury holistic treatment is an effective approach that completely heals that entire individual.

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