Holistic Addiction Treatment

Comprehensive Care for Totality of Healing

At Seaside Palm Beach, we believe that substance abuse and addiction are usually symptomatic of a deeper-rooted mood disorder, and that the best way to successfully overcome addiction is to adopt a lifestyle of combined physical, mental and spiritual health. Our holistic addiction treatment program applies an integrated treatment approach that caters to the mind, body and spirit of each patient. We blend expert traditional clinical care with cutting-edge, modern treatment therapies to help facilitate total wellness.

Holistic treatment has proven enormously effective in relapse prevention, as it helps to redefine patients’ priorities and lifestyles to keep them focused on healthy living. This includes fitness therapy, nutritional counseling, meditation and spiritual therapy in combination with expert detox and in-depth psychological counseling. Each aspect of Holistic Addiction Treatment is administered and moderated by an experienced professional, from nutritional experts to dedicated spiritual counselors that help patients draw strength from their faith during their recovery.

Restoring Vitality and Energy

Addiction depletes an individual’s energy, robs them of their ability to make sound decisions and morphs their body-chemistry into a destructive cycle of dependency and withdrawal. It can also cripple the ability to trust, form healthy relationships and maintain their spiritual faith. Holistic addiction treatment is a multi-pronged approach to addiction and mental healthcare that arms patients with the information, guidance and support to value themselves and take prideful ownership of their bodies, minds and their spirituality.

In this program, patients will:

  • Learn to value their bodies through proper nutrition, fitness and physical wellness exercises like t’ai chi, yoga, meditation and coached breathing.
  • Identify and work to successfully manage the root causes of their chemical dependency through therapies like Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Light-Sound Neurotherapy (LSN) and both group and individual psychoanalysis.
  • Explore and, if desired, develop their relationship with God through religious observance, scripture recitation and spiritual guidance.

A Template for Recovery and Lasting Wellness

Our holistic patients receive the best possible care and have access to a one-of-a-kind blend of treatment. In addressing each element of patients’ health, Seaside Palm Beach is able to diminish the likelihood of relapse and help patients successfully transition back into their lives. Many of our patients continue to integrate elements of the program into their lives well after they’ve left treatment, and are usually more health-conscious in general. Holistic treatment is more than just an opportunity to receive expert care for drug and alcohol dependency; it’s a gateway to a new and rewarding lifestyle that promotes healing at all levels.