Beautiful Florida Location

Expert Treatment in a Gorgeous, Tropical Environment

For over one hundred years, Palm Beach, Florida has been known as one of the most desirable destinations for the wealthy around the world. Palm Beach is a beautiful, small island whose sea side provides ocean views and the opportunity for quiet walks along the beach, ideal for meditation and reflection. The island’s other side faces the very scenic Intracoastal Waterway, and features a wide path on which our patients enjoy taking therapeutic walks, runs, or bike-rides while viewing some of the most stunning yachts and homes in the world. Our addiction treatment facility in Palm Beach provides a tranquil, luxurious setting to help facilitate healing. This is the perfect environment for taking the time to self-reflect and right your wrongs; our location includes many amenities for our patients.  

What to Expect at Seaside Palm Beach 

Guests arriving via Palm Beach International Airport will be discretely chauffeured to our luxury rehab facility and warmly welcomed by the friendly staff awaiting their arrival. Our home-like environment will provide patients with the comfort they need to treat their addiction at the most vulnerable time. You can expect to receive high quality care, and our medical experts and clinicians will guide you every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome.  

Our patients will receive personalized service during their entire stay at our luxury rehab facility, and you won’t find the same wide array of amenities at any other rehab center. No matter which addiction you suffer from or the level of care you will need, Seaside Palm Beach provides it all at one facility. During individualized programming, patients will engage in unique therapy methods that will help them understand why they turned to substance abuse in the first place, and they will learn how to change unhealthy thought patterns.  

After your stay at Seaside Palm Beach, you will feel completely refreshed and ready to take on everyday life with the tools you have learned in rehab. We show our patients the strength they never knew they even had. Our Palm Beach treatment facility is the perfect setting to make these necessary changes.  

We utilize a holistic approach to treatment, and believe that having a fully integrated addiction treatment plan in place will help all patients fully recover and gain a new perspective of a sober lifestyle. We focus on allowing individuals to see their full potential, as well as grow through the recovery journey. We teach our patients how to handle challenging situations in the future to properly avoid relapse, and how to handle the fragile transition back into your lifestyle. Sobriety takes strength and perseverance. Our drug and alcohol treatment facility in Palm Beach is here to guide you through the entire process. For a better look into our facility, visit our virtual tour page.