Holistic Alcohol Rehab

A Dependable Ally against Alcohol Addiction

It is true that family and friends are the prevailing sources of strength in a post-alcoholism life; however you cannot gain power from anyone else until you first find it within yourself. This is where our holistic alcohol rehab program will be a great benefit. Developed out of the belief that physical, mental and spiritual wellness are key to lasting independence from alcohol addiction, holistic alcohol rehab offers a variety of ways to pursue comprehensive health. The program combines quality psychiatric therapy with a recovery atmosphere of proactive healing, enthusiasm and energy.

What is Included in Holistic Alcohol Rehab?

Patients will have at their disposal, an arsenal of tools for cultivating physical, mental and spiritual health. We offer meditation exercises, yoga, t’ai chi and other forms of fitness activities to help you achieve and maintain physical wellness, as well as in-depth and compassionate counseling to nurture your emotional needs. We also integrate a healthy dose of spirituality and encourage the patient to think about something beyond his or her self. Concentration on spiritual self-awareness is part of the counseling process, and is born of the belief that if a patient is more in touch with who they are on the inside, they will be better able to combat alcoholism in their everyday life. Many patients find strength from simple self-realization.

Immediate and Future Benefits of Holistic Alcohol Rehab

Perhaps the most valuable part of holistic alcohol rehab is the strength with which it equips patients once they complete their program. The tragic reality of many conventional rehab programs is that once the actual inpatient course of treatment is completed, patients can forget all about what they’ve learned, and relapse. Holistic alcohol rehab offers relapse prevention and an emphasis coping and resistance strategies. The holistic alcohol rehab program at Seaside Palm Beach does not simply offer severance and solace from alcoholism, it outfits patients with a new philosophy of pride and wellness that can be utilized in many of life’s situations.