Holistic Treatment Programs

Seaside’s Holistic Treatment Programs

Blending Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wellness. Increasingly, addiction researchers are becoming aware of the importance of holistic approaches to substance abuse treatment, particularly for individuals with co-occurring mental or physical disorders. In fact, especially for these dual-diagnosed individuals, holistic treatment programs can be the key element in ensuring a long-term recovery, preventing other disorders from initiating a relapse into substance abuse over the long term.

illustration of a man and a woman sitting crossed legged meditating with positive words about holistic treatment programsBy giving individuals in treatment a sense of spiritual renewal, holistic-based treatments can also create a positive strength of purpose that can enhance individuals’ lives post-treatment in ways that traditional approaches cannot match. This positive, spiritual-based transformation is what many addicts in recovery self-report as the most important element in maintaining sobriety as a life-long change.

Seaside Palm Beach offers an unmatched holistic healing experience that is comprised of a combination of expert clinical treatment and body-centered alternative therapies in a breathtaking, luxurious atmosphere. This holistic approach can incorporate a wide variety of components, depending on an individual’s unique needs and background.

These components can include: meditation, yoga, massage therapy, acupuncture, physical exercise, neurofeedback, and many others. Each of these elements can be included in a holistic treatment plan that is designed to heal the whole person, not just “treat a disease.”

Holistic Healing Works

Our philosophy of treating patients’ mental disorders in conjunction with their corresponding addictions has yielded highly positive results.

Seaside’s holistic approach is based on the idea that helping patients address the factors that have contributed to their substance abuse is key to facilitating relapse prevention and continued success in recovery.

Our holistic drug and alcohol rehab programs provide the opportunity for patients to address the mind-body-spirit connection and achieve healing on all levels. We have found that this holistic approach produces the best odds for a full long-term recovery from substance abuse and other mental and physical health issues from mental illness to chronic physical pain.