Executive Drug Rehab

executive drug rehab

Executive Drug Rehab

We don’t often think of the perfectly groomed, put-together, educated, high-powered executive when we talk about drug addiction. Drug abuse is, however, much more common than many of us realize among these individuals. Whether it’s a prescription drug addiction developed from a legitimate injury or the ill-advised use of recreational narcotics, many executives wind up falling victim to drug addiction and unfortunately lose everything as a result. Seaside Palm Beach has developed an Executive Drug Rehab program that allows patients to get the help they need in a supportive, luxurious environment, and continue working while they’re in treatment.

Stress is the most common cause of relapse and can manifest in a variety of forms. Our luxury drug rehab in Palm Beach is mindful of the incredible stress that executives are under to perform, deliver, and grow their company. We also realize that the stress of worrying about catching up or remaining relevant at work can quickly lead to a set-back in recovery, particularly for patients who are so dedicated to their careers. The goal of executive drug rehab is to help patients avoid professional stress by staying active in their careers during their treatment.

The Advantages of Executive Drug Rehab

Rehab begins after patients have had a thorough evaluation and medically supervised detox. Each patient’s rehab program is specifically designed to address their unique care needs and identify the root causes of their drug abuse. While in rehab, patients undergo intense individual and group counseling and a selection of modern executive drug treatment therapies to which their therapist believes they will positively respond. During times when patients are not in treatment, they are free to communicate with their families and colleagues via laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

We believe that patients heal better when they are able to interact with their family and colleagues during the treatment period. Not only does contact with patients during treatment allow loved ones and co-workers to track and measure their progress, it also allows patients to get a jump-start on repairing their professional and personal relationships. Making amends with your loved ones is a major component during recovery and it’s important to foster healthy relationships from the start.

A Supportive, Luxurious, Idyllic Environment

Our luxury drug rehab in Palm Beach boasts amenities found at few other treatment facilities, including gourmet food, breathtaking ocean views and beach access, concierge service, and perhaps most importantly for our executive patients, a full-service business center as well as Wi-Fi in every room. The recovery process is difficult enough without having to downgrade or detract from the lifestyle that you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. Seaside Palm Beach is ready to help you gain independence from drug addiction and preserve your career through our executive drug treatment offerings.

We invite you to contact us today and begin your journey to freedom with the executive drug rehab program at Seaside Palm Beach. You have the opportunity to regain control over your life when you make the choice to seek treatment.


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