Executive Detox

Get the Help You Need While Maintaining Your Career

Just because a person is in control of their career, doesn’t mean they are in control of their personal life. It is not uncommon for individuals in high-power positions to succumb to addiction. Seaside’s Executive Detox program was created for executives who are currently suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction, but can’t walk away from their careers to get treatment. Seaside realizes how difficult it is to take that first step toward recovery, particularly when the success of their company hinders on their job performance, and offer medically supervised executive detox as part of our larger treatment program for working professionals.

Most executive rehab facilities are not licensed to perform detoxification at their own location, and force the patient to travel to multiple facilities for each stage of treatment. We place the highest premium on our executive patients’ comfort throughout the detoxification period, and are proud to offer detox right on premises. Our program is fully staffed with qualified medical personnel to oversee and administer the entire process to ensure a safe detoxification experience. We also do everything in our power to mitigate withdrawal symptoms.

What Makes Seaside Palm Beach Executive Detox Different?

Our doctor-to-patient ratio is one of the highest in our industry, as opposed to other detox facilities who find it too costly to keep a detox doctor on staff. Seaside Palm Beach distinguishes itself from other programs by offering detox service on site. The medical and clinical staff that welcomes you to our facility will remain with you through the course of treatment.