Drug Intervention at Seaside

Don’t Just Stand by, Take Action

Unfortunately, it often takes a tragedy or catastrophic event for friends and family members of a drug addict to take action and stage a drug intervention. By that time, the addict’s health could be in jeopardy, they could be in dire financial straits, they could be facing jail time, or worse. Minding your own business and hoping things turn out for the best will not help your loved one defeat their drug addiction.

Instead of waiting for a disaster, a drug intervention allows friends and family members to take matters into their own hands. Confronting someone close to you to tell them they need help for their drug problem is not nearly as easy as it looks on television. A poorly executed intervention may backfire and cause the addict to lash out in anger, feel betrayed and delve deeper into substance abuse as a result.

Many interventions quickly deteriorate into combative and emotionally charged events. Friends and family members may make misguided verbal attacks against the addict, and turn the intervention into a shouting match, rather than the first step toward rehabilitation.

Trust the Professionals

The highly trained professional interventionists at Seaside Palm Beach can guide you and your family through every stage of the drug intervention.

  • Coordinate a time and place
  • Make a determination of which friends and family members should be present
  • Instruct participants on order of events
  • Instruct participants on what to say and how to say it
  • Create plan of immediate action for family and addict
  • Coordinate immediate entry into our world-class addiction rehab facility

Drug Intervention Saves Lives

The sad truth is that most drug addicts will likely not seek help on their own. Many live under the false assumption that they don’t have an addiction problem, that their substance abuse isn’t hurting anyone else and that they don’t need help. Friends and family members are an addict’s greatest allies in the struggle against chemical dependency.

If someone you love has a drug problem, don’t wait for it to spiral out of control, take action now with a potentially life-saving intervention.