Weird Drugs People Use to Get High & Why You Should Avoid Them

Weird Drugs People Use to Get High & Why You Should Avoid Them

Cocaine, meth, and heroin are all well known drugs of abuse, but they are only the tip of the iceberg. As a luxury inpatient drug rehab in Florida, we know that there are actually several unusual substances and crazy drugs people use to get high. While some people are tempted to experiment with these bizarre drugs, they can be just as dangerous if not more dangerous than the hard drugs that are more mainstream. So, if you have any thought about trying one of these strange drugs of abuse, think twice.

The Most Bizarre Drugs People Use to Get High & Their Dangers

Whether you are a concerned parent or a curious college student, it is important to not only recognize these weird drugs people use to get high, but also know their dangers. Finding these substances could tip you off to abuse, but understanding their risks could prevent you from trying it yourself or help you convince someone else to stop.

Paint Thinner

In a technique known as huffing, people will inhale the chemicals from paint thinners to get high. While paint thinners may provide a temporary feeling of euphoria, they can also be deadly. Even the first-time huffing paint thinner could result in death from asphyxiation or lead to other serious health issues from lack of oxygen.


No, we are not talking about the dogs. Whippet drugs are nitrous oxide canisters from whipped cream dispensers. Some people will inhale the laughing gas inside to get high, but the consequences can be fatal. Abuse can result in serious health problems including organ damage, seizures, paralysis, and even coma.1

Cough Syrup

Yes, even some over-the-counter cough medicines can contain small amounts of alcohol, dextromethprphan, and even codeine that can be abused for their pleasurable effects. Because of these substances, people who completed drug or alcohol addiction treatment  and are in recovery are often advised to avoid cough syrups that contain these chemicals. Overtime, some people who abuse cough syrup will develop an addiction and long-term use can lead to problems like liver damage. There is even the potential to overdose.2


No, this is not a slang term for a weird drug people use to get high. There are some toads that secrete chemicals that can lead to psychoactive effects. While hunting down and licking a toad to find out may seem funny, the results are far from comical. Along with powerful hallucinations, these chemicals can cause serious damage to the body. People may experience frequent vomiting, irregular heartbeat, seizures, and eventually even death.3 It is best to leave the toads alone and keep your tongue to yourself.

Not only are these unique drugs used to get high surprising, but there are also weird ways to get high as well. Gone are the days of simply popping pills or drinking alcohol. People are always looking for a stronger and faster way to get high. Now there is everything from boofing drugs to mythical vodka tampons.

Regardless of the substance being abused as well as the way it is being administered, drug abuse of any kind is dangerous. Especially when people try to experiment with these more unusual drugs or mix substances. The results can be unpredictable and even deadly.

Instead of risking it, get help at our luxury rehab center in Florida. We help patients find lasting sobriety without having to sacrifice the more comfortable lifestyle that they are used to.

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