Drug-Free Pain Services

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Reversing the Trend in Pain Treatment

The amount of Americans addicted to prescription painkillers has eclipsed that of heroin and cocaine combined. This is partially because pain patients are often unaware of the safe, effective and clinically viable drug-free treatment resources available to them. There has been a widespread institutional push to prescribe powerful painkillers for a wide range of conditions. This has unfortunately resulted in many patients hastily or irresponsibly taking prescriptions and developing an addiction as a result.

Although they are effective in treating moderate to severe pain, prescription opiates are similar in composition to heroin, and are incredibly addictive. Our specialized Drug-Free Pain Services program was created to provide patients with sound and healthy alternatives to these potent prescription painkillers, and in the process, help them avoid or get help for their addiction. We offer a variety of alternative treatment therapies, such as yoga, guided meditation, acupuncture and massage, hypnosis and flexibility training to help patients naturally and safely manage their pain symptoms.

Expert Care for Addiction-Related Pain

Research has shown that taking painkillers over a long period of time can actually increase an individual’s sensitivity to pain due to a condition called hyperalgesia. Once individuals are in recovery for a period of time, they can find that their pain is much less severe than they had initially thought, or even that it is totally gone. However, individuals experiencing this condition may feel an increased sensitivity to pain in the period immediately after stopping their use of painkillers, making an effective pain services program particularly important during this interim period, before their body begins producing natural endorphins at a normal level.

Our expert doctors, nurses and pain management professionals are here to help you find definitive, long-term peace from pre-existing and addiction-related pain. We will design a safe, personalized and clinically sound course of drug-free pain treatment based on patients’ tolerance, medical history and level of pain. We monitor patients round-the-clock and are fully equipped to effectively address any medical emergencies that may arise.

In addition to our cutting-edge clinical care, patients positively respond to the unrivaled luxury and breathtaking surroundings at our facility. Our commitment to patient comfort is a valuable part of our treatment and is integrated into patient care accordingly.

Treating Addiction, Discomfort and Stress

Program participants learn stress reduction techniques, nutrition, and the skills necessary to manage pain while abstaining from addictive substances. By treating both pain and substance abuse simultaneously, we greatly improve the success rate of treatment and the overall quality of life for our patients.

Our alternative therapy treatments can help put an end to the unnecessary pain that you or your loved one is experiencing. Please call us anytime at (888) 997-3274 to learn more about our pain services that are free from the addictive and dangerous side effects of prescription drugs.


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