Recovery & Meditation: An Executive Learning to Relax

While I was being treated at Seaside Executive Alcohol Rehab, one of the resources available to me was yoga. I did not know too much about yoga beyond the basic understanding that it is a series of postures used for exercise and meditation. I was never one for meditation. I didn’t need to be. I was one for alcohol. Alcohol chilled me out really easily. There was no need to learn any other methods if I had that one sure-fire way of calm. But since alcohol could no longer be a part of my life here in executive alcohol rehab, I searched for other ways to relax.

People had suggested yoga to me in the past but I never took it seriously. The idea of sitting and doing “nothing” for a period of time was not one that intrigued me. I knew I would never be able to sit still that long without feeling like I was forgetting some item on my “to-do” list. I figured since I was already proverbially “stuck” in this executive alcohol rehab, I might as well try it. I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed it! I couldn’t get enough of it, actually. After my first few sessions, I noticed the physical benefits. I felt less anxiety; it seemed my breathing was more natural, calmer. The focused breathing and internal concentration, that is integral to yoga practice, is just what I always needed to quiet the external noise that was deafening enough to cause me to rely on alcohol.

Now, I practice every day. I create my own images, focusing on the length and timing of my breath when I try to fall asleep. I thought I’d never be able to sleep without alcohol. But with the valuable lessons I’ve learned at Seaside Executive Alcohol Rehab, including my yoga practice, I haven’t had a restless night since the beginning of my sobriety.

The Seaside executive alcohol rehab program was amazing and specifically tailored to my needs as a business professional. They understood that in order for me to keep my job and my career, during my recovery, I really needed to be able to work three to four hours each day. My alcohol abuse grew out of habit trying to unwind at the end of every work day with several drinks. If I couldn’t find a way to physically relax, I used alcohol and soon enough, I was dependent. But now that I have my yoga practice and my insights from my executive alcohol rehab program, I can balance my obligations as a business professional with my physical well-being.