Clearing the Air

For a long time, I didn’t want to tell people that I went to a luxury drug rehab program. It seems that every time I did, people just thought I went on an extended vacation and threw money at my addiction. Believe me, if I wasn’t committed to my sobriety, no amount of money would have helped. It’s incredibly frustrating to have to explain the merits of my recovery strategy to people that have no idea what addiction is like. Even when I’m sitting before them, proof that my recovery is working, they still doubt me. Thankfully, I’ve learned to tune out skeptics and surround myself with supportive people.

Luxury rehab is far less about the quality of amenities at your facility than it is about the quality of care. The last thing I had on my mind when I was entering rehab was how many tennis courts or swimming pools my program offered. What attracted me to luxury rehab was the comprehensive level of care and the amazing therapies they provided. They offered me an opportunity to not only heal from alcohol addiction, but to completely change my life: how I took care of myself, what I thought of myself, etc.

When I first went to rehab, I needed a special kind of help from a special kind of program. It was an incredible source of comfort to know that I was getting treatment from the best doctors. I’d spent years short-changing myself by making bad decisions and I just wanted to give myself the best possible shot at recovery. It was my husband that ultimately made the arrangements for me to get treatment. When I walked into my treatment center, I was disoriented, distrustful and almost completely unwilling to accept anybody’s help. Little by little this changed over the course of my treatment.

In rehab I learned what true healing was. I was put back in touch with some long-forgotten truths and discovered that in all situations, including recovery, you get exactly what you give. It was only in this environment that I was allowed to confront the deeply rooted truths about who I was and what I had been going through. The best luxury rehab centers are able to rebuild you from the ground up and make you strive to be a healthier and more balanced person. I’ve taken the lessons that I learned in my program and applied them to my everyday life.

Of course I was grateful for the amenities. The fact that I had the comforts of home kept me grounded and connected during my more vulnerable periods. It also helped that I was able to speak with my husband on a regular basis. In the end, however, luxury rehab turned out to be an awakening and a deeply spiritual experience. So whenever I encounter someone who seeks to trivialize the efficacy of my program, I just tell them that I did exactly what I needed to do get help. Eventually my sobriety will speak for itself.