Family Workshop Program

Integrating Family Involvement into Patient Recovery

Seaside understands that a patient has a far better chance of maintaining their recovery if they have the love and support of their families to give them strength. In an effort to facilitate the transition into everyday life, we offer a program in which patients and their loved ones can get a head-start on repairing their relationships and starting the post-treatment recovery journey together. Perhaps nowhere in a patient’s life is the impact of their addiction felt more than in their home. This program puts patients face-to-face with the impact their addiction has had on their families and gives them the opportunity to reconnect with the people they care about most.

The purpose of the Seaside Family Workshop Program is to:

  • Helping patients’ family and loved ones understand chemical dependency
  • Offering support and guidance to patients’ family members
  • Helping the family rediscover peace as individuals and as a group

What Does the Seaside Family Workshop Program Entail?

During the Family Workshop Program, patients’ family members are educated regarding the biology and physiology of addiction, as well as steps they can take to support their loved one during recovery. Each family member will learn their role in the maintenance of their loved one’s sobriety and measures they can take to mitigate the possibility of relapse. Participants work with therapists to explore the family dynamic, and are assigned homework to complete and hand in the next day.

The process also allows for the development of healthy and productive communication and the establishment of boundaries to maintain a forward-moving, balanced family model. Through a series of exercises, families are able to release their emotions in what is called the “letting go” process. The program’s primary focus is on the development of coping skills and distinguishing between caring for someone and caretaking. The final day of the program includes a recap between patients, their loved ones and their primary therapist.

The Seaside Family Workshop Program will thoroughly cover:

  • Chemical Dependency/Addiction and Co-dependency Symptoms
  • What to expect from someone in recovery
  • Treatment and aftercare for the addict and the family
  • What family members can do to support recovery
  • Detailed information about recovery and the 12-step process
  • Tools and skills for coping with addiction
  • How to help yourself and other family members
  • Any other questions regarding the addicts in your life


The Family Workshop Program runs once a month and registration begins at 10:00am and sessions run from 10:15am to 4:30pm. The material covered during the Family Workshop Program is cumulative, so it’s important that families attend each day of the program. Patients are encouraged to invite those closest to them to attend the program, and can have up to three people participate in the program.

Seaside Family Workshop Program Dates:


  • Sept 25/26
  • Oct 23/24
  • Nov 20/21
  • Dec 18/19

Comfortable and casual dress is recommended. Attendees with dietary restrictions are urged to notify Seaside Palm Beach in advance of attending.

Each date represents a complete workshop. Participants may choose to attend one or all days during the program. Although it is recommended that they attend the program while their loved one is in treatment, family members can enter the Family Workshop Program up to six months from the date that their loved one completed their treatment. 

Contact and Transportation Information

To inquire further about Seaside’s Family Workshop Program or to make arrangements to attend, please call 561-465-1200. Attendees traveling via air are encouraged to fly into Palm Beach International Airport (PBI). Seaside Palm Beach is unable to provide transportation to and from the airport. For guests’ convenience, we have included contact information for three nearby hotels below:

Palm Beach Marriott – Singer Island 
3800 North Ocean Drive, Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Resort Main: 561-340-1700
Reservations Toll Free: 877-239-5610
Direct Office: 561-578-5952
Fax: 561-340-1725
Contact – Neville O’Gane, Reservations Manager
Email: [email protected]

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Hilton Singer Island Oceanfront/Palm Beaches     
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Ph: 561-848-3888
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