Executive Rehab Programs

When talking about drug addiction, the first person to come to mind is not usually the perfectly groomed, well put-together, educated, and high-powered executive. Executives and other high-level professionals may seem to have it all, but they are not immune to substance abuse problems. The high stress of their positions as well as the intense pressure to perform can lead some to substance abuse. With repeated abuse, an addiction may develop, and their substance abuse may spiral out of control before they realize they need help.

Many people believe that they would easily be able to recognize addiction in a coworker, but this is not always the case. Because they are often so well put together on the outside, high-level professionals who are struggling with addiction may be hard to identify. Even if people suspect there may be a problem, many employers neglect to realize how destructive one employee’s addiction can be to a company. While it may seem like “personal problems” that are outside the scope of work, these substance abuse issues can negatively impact the business. For the sake of the individual as well as the company, an addiction intervention may be necessary.

Benefits of Executive Treatment Programs

Because they have risen to the top of the ranks in their careers, many high-level professionals find it difficult to admit that they have a problem, let alone that they need help. These people have put in long hours, dealt with inconceivable amounts of stress, and often put their career ahead of everything, including their own well-being. Even if they realize treatment is necessary, for many, stepping away from work isn’t realistic as it could negatively affect their career as well as their company.

Executive rehab programs are designed to make special accommodations for the heavy work demands of high-level professionals and executives. Unlike other rehab programs where people often have limited, if any access to Wi-Fi and technology, executive drug treatment programs allow people to stay connected throughout their treatment. Along with participating in regular therapies and programming, patients can work remotely as they progress through recovery so that they can still get sober without having to completely neglect their work responsibilities.

Luxury Rehab for Executives and Professionals

Executives have worked hard to achieve their desired standard of living and we believe that they should not have to sacrifice these high standards in order to get sober. While there may be many executive rehab centers in Florida, not all of them will be able to offer the same comfort that we can at Seaside Palm Beach. What sets us apart from other executive rehabs is the full scope of luxury rehab amenities that we offer our patients throughout their time with us. From daily maid services to concierge services, we do our best to match the high-end lifestyles that our executives are used to.

Our executive rehab also includes a full-service business center that allows patients to fulfill their job duties while also working toward their sobriety. Throughout their time in our executive drug treatment, patients will have access to laptops and tablets whenever they are not in a specific treatment program so that they can continue work without skipping a beat. This setup allows patients to focus on their recovery during treatment while also continuing to be an instrumental part of their organization and avoid setbacks. It also mimics the schedule of the patient in real life so that the transition back to their normal life is easier and the risk of relapse is decreased.


Our Executive Rehab Programs

While everyone is unique, most of the patients who come to our executive treatment center in South Florida will begin their journey to recovery with detox. Because detox can be especially uncomfortable, our luxury detox program is designed to make the process easier. Not only will patients be under the constant care of trained medical personnel who will administer medication as necessary to mitigate symptoms, but also, they will go through this process in a more comfortable environment than the sterile-hospital like settings of other rehabs.

Regardless of whether they are in our luxury residential treatment or one our less intensive programs, patients in our executive drug treatment track will still participate in various therapies and programs that are designed to look at healing from addiction on a comprehensive level. From group sessions to individual therapy, patients will have time to reflect on their addiction and learn to move forward while still being able to get back to work after treatment.

At Seaside Palm Beach, we understand the impact that substance abuse can have on our patients’ careers and the importance of continuing their professional obligations while in treatment. Our executive rehab program helps patients overcome their addictions while also finding that balance between work life and self-care.