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If you or someone you care for is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, the problem will only worsen if steps aren’t taken to treat it. Attempting a self-rehab to break your own addictions is much more difficult than it sounds. Many falsely assume that substance abusers are lacking willpower and moral character; and that all they’d need to do is make a decision to stop and stick to it.

Addiction is a progressive disease that alters brain chemistry and behavior. Attempting to quit abusing drugs and alcohol takes more than strong will and purpose. Seaside Palm Beach offers men and women battling substance abuse issues a way out from under the burden of addiction and a chance at a new beginning.

Diverse and Unique Addiction Care

The problem with trying to self-rehab is that the process focuses solely on the addiction and doesn’t address the many potential contributing factors. Preexisting mental disorders, devastating trauma, family history and several other elements must be considered and treated concurrently with any addiction. We perform social, psychological and physical exams to determine the extent of the addiction and the best treatment strategies for optimal results.

We offer a safe and medically monitored detox to expel all of the toxins from an addict’s body as responsibly and comfortably as possible. Concurrently, patients will work with our experienced addiction therapists and mental health professionals to begin learning about the disease of addiction, the origin of their dependencies and new coping methods to help them deal with adverse situations more healthily.

Learn New Habits and Change Your Life

Much of our addiction treatment focuses on patients unlearning the behaviors and habits which led them to substance abuse and addiction, and replacing them with healthier and more productive ones. Some abuse substances as a means of dealing with trauma; others abuse to gain control over unexplained or uncontrollable emotions; others do so to combat chronic pain and discomfort.

There are many reasons why people abuse drugs and alcohol and all of them are based in flawed thinking. Our caring addiction specialists will work with you to identify the reasons why you abuse, explain the flaws in your world perceptions and then help correct them.


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