Victoria P.’s Past & Her Mom’s Addiction

Victoria P.’s Past & Her Mom’s Addiction

If you have a loved one who struggles with a drug addiction or alcoholism, you know all too well that addiction affects more than just the addict. The Bachelor’s Victoria Paul, also known as Victoria P., has experienced this firsthand.

Victoria P.’s Time on The Bachelor

Front runner Victoria P. danced her way into bachelor Peter Weber’s eyes with a happy dance the first night of the show. She also made a name for herself on the first group date after throwing up from motion sickness and recounting a traumatic teacup ride. Even though she may have stood out for less than glamourous reasons, Peter came to her rescue and their connection was easy to see. As it turns out, her sickness paid off and she was able to snag a one-on-one with Peter in the third week of the show before drama tackled her the next week.

Their date started out with some quick country shopping and some dance lessons outside of their first happy dance before the pair headed to the saloon for line dancing. It was clear to viewers that the chemistry was there as they moved around the dance floor in full smiles. In the nighttime portion, things took a much more serious turn as Victoria P. opened up about her mom’s struggles with addiction.

Victoria P.’s Mom’s Addiction

Although Victoria P. was all smiles when line dancing, her childhood was less than ideal with not much to smile about. At just the age of two, Victoria P. lost her father and it appears her life quickly started to fall apart. Struck by grief, her mom fell into addiction and Victoria P. was left to take care of not only herself, but her younger sister as well. This is not an uncommon occurrence as many people, like her mother, turn to drugs and alcohol to try and cope with poor mental health. Several studies also note the connection between bereavement and addiction.1 The result is typically the need for dual diagnosis treatment in order to help the person address both issues and stop this dangerous cycle.

For Victoria P.’s mom, it appears her grief was too much to bear, and her addiction began to have severe consequences for her two daughters. Victoria P., who is now a nurse, recounted parts of her troubled childhood with her stating, “My mom really struggled, and I really had to be the rock for her and my sister. I didn’t know if my sister and I would have food.” She went on to talk about living in shelters for much of her childhood as well as her desperate need to try and take care of her little sister. Unfortunately, her little sister also followed in her mother’s footsteps and fell to addiction herself. Victoria P. was left to try and pick up the pieces. Thankfully, her mother and sister have both been sober for three years now and the family has become stronger than even before.2

While Victoria P.’s story is heartbreaking, it is unfortunately a more common occurrence than many people realize. Many people who struggle with addiction unintentionally bring their loved ones down with them. When young children are involved like with the case of Victoria P., the addict may come to neglect their responsibilities, including childcare. The result can be devastating for the children with problems that may carry over into adulthood.

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