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When your loved one struggles with drugs or alcohol, your actions could unknowingly be making the problem worse. At Seaside Palm Beach, we are sharing some tips on how to love an addict without enabling.

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Executive Rehab Programs

We don’t often think of the perfectly groomed, put-together, educated, high-powered executive when we talk about drug addiction. Executives and other high-level professionals are ambitious and hardworking, but this does not make them immune to substance abuse problems. Because they are often so driven, it may be difficult to identify the early warning signs of an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The result may be that they fall deep into their addiction before they realize they need formal help. Many employers may also neglect to realize how destructive one employee’s addiction can be to a company. While it may seem like “personal problems” that are outside the scope of work, these substance abuse issues can negatively impact the business as a whole. For the sake of the individual as well as their company, executive intervention assistance may be necessary. Staying Connected in Executive Rehab Because many have risen to the [...]