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Improve Physical Fitness to Fight Addiction

Continued drug and alcohol abuse eats away at a person’s physical strength and health. Once they’ve fallen into full blown addiction, their attention to fitness and nutrition becomes nearly non-existent. A weak and broken down body is not ideal for successful recovery. Exercise and fitness therapy are crucial aspects of an effective drug or alcohol rehab program, because it begins the process of rebuilding physical health, while simultaneously helping patients defeat their addictions.

Fitness therapy is effective on a scientific level because of the way it affects the brain. When a person exercises, their brain releases endorphins, which are the same chemicals which latch onto the brain following drug or alcohol consumption. Over time, the satisfaction produced by continual exercising can rival the rush felt from any substance use.

Body Pride Prevents Relapse

Aside from the obvious physical and mental health benefits gained from regular exercise, fitness therapy also gives patients something to feel good and hopeful about during rehab. Many can’t remember the last time they’ve felt so good, healthy, in shape and physically strong. These feelings give our patients at Seaside Palm Beach a sense of pride that can stay with them long after completing treatment.

We offer a fully equipped state-of-the-art fitness facility, swimming pools, basketball courts, tennis courts and personal trainers to help guide patients. Our fitness therapy is blended with nutritional counseling as well as our group and individual therapies to produce the best results.


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