Meditation Therapy

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Centering Mind, Body and Spirit for Balanced Wellness

Meditation has long been touted for its healing and relaxation benefits. At its core, the process involves patients clearing their minds of all toxic or dysfunctional thoughts and channeling positive energy through intense and single-minded concentration. A particularly effective therapy in the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders, meditation therapy can also help mitigate the physical and emotional symptoms of the withdrawal process. Many of the patients who discover meditation during their treatment, wind up integrating into their post-recovery lives.

Decelerated brain activity commonly experienced during meditation causes the body to slip into extreme relaxation. This facilitates a natural release of endorphins, causing the body to feel intense and pleasurable sensations. Meditation therapy at Seaside Palm Beach also helps patients to regulate their breathing and restore optimum function of the central nervous system.

Clinical Benefits of Meditation Therapy

Meditative exercises yield highly positive results, particularly when woven into a larger overall care plan.

The process has been clinically proven to:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decrease panic-related episodes
  • Improve breathing
  • Regulate heart rhythms
  • Improve circulation

Meditation Therapy at Seaside

At Seaside Palm Beach, we particularly recommend mediation therapy for anyone battling addiction as a result of a panic disorder, trauma or chronic pain-related condition. Our expert meditation professionals help patients get the most out of this proven and effective therapy. We have helped countless patients find their way to balanced health through the integration of meditative healing.


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