Eastern Body-Centered Psychotherapy

Therapy for the Mind and Body

Our Eastern Body-Centered Psychotherapy program helps patients address the relationship between their mental disorder and the physical feelings and bodily sensations that stress produces. The program focuses on guiding patients toward awareness of their breathing levels, speech patterns and body language and movements during traumatic or high-stress situations. Psychological stress very often manifests itself physically, from headaches to back problems to intestinal distress. The goal of body-centered psychotherapy is to identify what impact emotional stress has on patients’ physical condition, and help them to properly manage stress to avoid experiencing negative physical symptoms.

Improving Patients’ Overall Health and Quality of Life

We developed body-centered psychotherapy based on the idea that patients experience trauma and stress on a physical level. Patients gain an understanding of their personal physical responses to stress and work to mitigate their severity through breathing exercise, meditation, yoga, t’ai chi, and other assorted activities in combination with in-depth psychological counseling. The exact format of each patient’s program will vary based upon the type and severity of condition. The process also helps patients develop healthy relationships and facilitate confidence, self-esteem and validation. It has been helpful in the treatment of a wide range of mood disorders, from anxiety to panic attacks to depression-related chronic pain.