Body-Centered Wellness

The First Step to Total Healing

Our Body-Centered Wellness program incorporates expert, medically supervised clinical detox, a full menu of therapies to promote physical health and wellness and expert advice regarding proper exercise and nutrition. Energy and physical health are critically important to the recovery process, particularly the initial stages. Body-Centered Wellness can mitigate lingering withdrawal symptoms, help patients develop healthy overall lifestyles and help them stay focused and energized as they continue their recovery efforts.

Cutting-Edge Treatment Administered by Leading Experts

The program is overseen by a medical doctor trained in both allopathic and holistic medicine. Body balancing and detoxification are the first steps toward physical renewal. Our treatment options incorporate both Western and Chinese medicine.

Multiphase Approach to Physical Wellness

Body-Centered Wellness starts by addressing chemical and nutrient imbalances, food allergies and organ system detoxification to give patients the self-awareness to form a template for a healthy physical lifestyle. During this phase of the process, patients gain invaluable self-awareness regarding their physical conditions and long-term steps they can take to improve their health.

The second phase focuses on body replenishment. This includes the integration of a variety of therapies into patients’ recovery.

Activities include: