Your luxury rehab is worth every penny!

My wife and I wanted to write to thank everyone there for helping our son. We had already tried several other treatment centers before that were closer to where we live in Summit, NJ. These rehab centers in the northeast that we previously sent our son to weren’t cheap places either! But our son would always relapse almost immediately after leaving their faciltiy. My wife and I liked your website and your holistic approach of treating our son completely for both the physical and the mental aspect of his addiction. Our son later explained to us that his emotional problems were triggering his physical need for substance abuse.

By finally treating the root cause of his anger and subsequent flare ups when he felt stressed out he learned how to cope without drugs and alcohol as his crutch. I admit that I don’t undertand everything he said to us and how everything you guys did for him. But my wife and I are only interested in results anyway and the bottom line is our son is clean and sober for the first time in years!

You guys are amazing and worth every penny!


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