Thank you for helping our daughter finally get off drugs . . .

Thank you for helping our daughter finally get off drugs we were at our wits end and our greatest fear was we might lose her one day to an overdose. Each time my husband would select a new rehab for our daughter to try she would wind up using again almost immediately after coming home from rehab. My husband & I are fortunate enough to be in the financial position that we have the money so we could keep sending her to several different luxury rehabs around the country over the past year.

One night a few months ago I was watching the Joy Behar show about how Lindsay Lohan attempts at rehab don’t seem to be working. I liked what one of your staff who was on the show was saying about how Lindsay Lohan really needs to attend a holistic rehab that treats not just her physical chemical dependency but her behavioral mental health issues which often are the real cause for substance abuse. As soon as I heard that I immediately looked up your Seaside Palm Beach website and scheduled my daughter to be admitted as soon as possible. I had been saying the exact same thing to my husband earlier that day that our daughter who is 19 and lives with us and doesn’t go to college and is living her life like she is a Hollywood celebrity going in and out of rehab! I don’t mean to imply that my husband didn’t want to send her to a holistic rehab before. I think its just that he is always so busy with his business and traveling all over the place that I think he winds up choosing the first place that he finds out about. I don’t want to ramble on like my husband says I always do. I just wanted to thank your staff for doing what 3 other expensive rehabs couldn’t do and finally get our daughter off of drugs.

Thank you so much!!!



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