Luxury rehab treatment that worked for me

Thanks to the fantastic staff at Seaside I just can’t say enough good things about all of you. My everlasting gratitude to everyone there who helped me finally break my addiction to oxycontin! When I was attending the funeral for one of my girlfriends earlier this year who had OD on Oxy I thought to myself BEFORE THE GRACE OF GOD GO I this could have so easily have been me and everyone here would be attending my funeral!

My oldest son had been trying to get me to seek help since my divorce last year when he found all of my pills but it took the passing of my friend to finally convince me I needed to get help. It was my eldest son, he goes to college at NYU, who researched and recommended you guys to me. I was actually talking to him about trying a rapid detox (or superfast detox or maybe it was ultra something detox) that I saw an ad for online because that is my personality I like immediate gratification. But my son had done research for me about everything and told me people have died trying that type of detox so I am really lucky to have such a bright and caring son who loves me so much and wanted me to get the best help.

I can’t tell you what it feels like to be back with both my boys and to feel like myself again and not feeling the craving to snort OC all the time!

Thank you to everyone at Seaside!



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