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She lives in Thousand Oaks with her Mom (my daughter) and has had a very difficult childhood with her Mom divorcing three times before her 17th birthday. She turned to drugs as a way of rebelling against everything and dropped out of UCLA after one semester last year. Her mother and I have not seen eye to eye on many things. But her mother was very happy to accept my financial help when I offered to send my granddaughter to a rehab to get help for her drug addiction.

My granddaughter choose a rehab in Malibu because she liked the look of the place and told me it looked like a big mansion. I told her that I didn’t think that was a good way to decide upon where to go for treatment but gave in to her wishes.

Just as I expected she was immediately back to using after she left their facilities. I told her that I wanted her to try again but I insisted upon selecting the treatment facility this time. I told it would have to be located in a different state and a completely different part of the country too. I choose your facility in Palm Beach after reviewing many of them on internet. I admit at first I was skeptical that my granddaughter would completely stop using drugs and getting into trouble after she completed her luxury drug treatment with your facility too. But I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised to hear from her Mom during their Mother’s Day visit with me that my granddaughter is clean and sober (3months now) and is resuming classes at UCLA this summer!



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