Inner Strength I Never Knew I Possessed

I really benefitted from my time at Seaside Palm Beach and do not think I could have asked for an atmosphere more conducive to addiction recovery and personal healing. Their dual diagnosis program was exactly the right program for me and fit me like a glove. For the first I learned and understand how intertwined my eating disorder, alcohol and drug addiction all were. My therapist explained the psychological factors of how it all works in a digestible and enlightening way. The fog of my addiction and depression slowly started to lift over the course of my treatment at Seaside.

Growing up as an only child and a life of much privacy, I felt at first a little awkward or uncomfortable about the shared housing. At first it took some getting used to but I grew to really enjoy having housemates to help support one another and hear their stories of what brought us all here together. It turned out that most of us the women I met there also had some sort of eating disorder combined with substance abuse just like me.

There were times when the acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and chiropractic sessions made us all forget that we were even in drug and alcohol treatment. The holistic nature of the various activities we participated in really brought us back in touch with the most simplistic yet attainable forms of pleasure and serenity. I discovered along the way all the feelings I was masking by abusing drugs and alcohol. I believe there was a spirituality that was awoke in me during treatment.

When it was time for me to leave Seaside Palm Beaches, I felt like a completely new person, much stronger than I ever did before. I felt better equipped to handle whatever life had in store for me in the future without turning to alcohol or drugs whenever I ran into a problem like before.

I think I actually underwent some form of enlightenment while I was in treatment at Seaside Palm Beaches that has helped me continue to live a sober and productive life to this very day.




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