I Finally Won My Long Fought Battle With Alcohol

I battled alcohol addiction for most of my adult life. I had tried going to a fairly local rehab before but quickly relapsed after I returned home. Then one day I saw a TV commercial for luxury alcohol treatment at Seaside Palm Beach in Florida and everything in my life changed for the better after I contacted them.

I’m always wary about sudden environmental changes, as I was especially at this near hopeless and vulnerable time in my life. That si why I had previously chosen to stay local with my first attempt at rehab. But I immediately felt very comfortable and welcomed by Seaside’s tranquil scenic atmosphere and friendly staff that welcomed me on to their treatment center’s private grounds.

I admit that I was initially intimidated during the group sharing and discussions, because my personality type is more reserved. But after listening to enough people open up and bare their inner feelings and scars from years of alcoholism with no one judging them I felt ready to give it a try. I was so amazed when the self-consciousness and shame that’s plagued me throughout my drinking life suddenly lifted, giving me a desire to casually open up and share. This was my first BIG personal step!

I found the staff to be very attentive, knowledgeable, and motivated. I especially appreciated all the patience they demonstrated everyday with each one of us working and warming up to ‘the program’ at our own individual speeds. I always enjoyed the cohesion amongst the other patients who all shared the same goal of wanting to live a sober life. The individual therapy sessions were of top quality, Dr. Phil-like caliber. I was introduced to both elusive emotional triggers causing me to instinctively reach for the bottle and long neglected personal strengths that I soon embraced (drawing & photography) which have since helped fill the inner void caused from years of self-medicating. I never had before but found it a novelty and helpful supplement. I was a bit skeptical at first of trying their acupuncture therapy or EMDR therapy, but I am very glad I tried them because I felt so much better afterwards.

I just got my 1 year sobriety medallion.

Thank you to everyone at Seaside Palm Beach for your help in my victory over the bottle!



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