I decided that after my detox from chemical dependency ended, I would continue to detoxify my whole body, as well as my spirit. More important than all of that, I knew that getting clean would not come without a personal insight that would gain me some hard-earned wisdom.

The controlled environment in which I detoxed was effective to get me clean. I liken it to being hosed down. For me to maintain that cleanliness, I would need the spiritual equivalent of a warm bath. That, I knew would come from holistic addiction treatment.

Before my addiction, I’d always been a spiritual person; it was a pursuit of a higher spiritual plain, which actually led me to my addiction.

Recovery, as we all know, involves getting in touch with one’s higher power. As spiritual as I purported to be, I’d never really known my true higher power.

Before I could heal on the outside, I’d have to be clean on the inside and I’m not referring to my internal organs; I’m referring to my damaged spirituality.

One of the first steps in healing my spirituality was the yoga therapy I underwent during my holistic addiction recovery. Believe it or not, this was key in helping me identify triggering behaviors that could cause me to backslide.

Even more crucial to my complete detox, was energy therapy. Seeing myself for the first time as an energy field, I was now able to use that energy to take control of my experience and actions. I used it to combat the negative and maintain a much more positive persona.

This persona became external as well as internal and people important to me informed me they noticed a positive change in my outlook and demeanor. More importantly, I noticed it too.

I still am in search of my higher power, but instead of being consumed by the dogged pursuit of the unknown, I now find myself on a soothing journey of knowledge and enlightenment that has kept me clean since my detox.


Glenna F. – Lincolndale, NY