Clean, Sober and Stronger

I have always considered myself a high strung or anxious woman but within the last couple of years, I had the weighty task of inheriting my ailing uncle’s business as the new executive administrator. While I did have good insight and knowledge on the workings of the company, the pressure proved to be just too overwhelming. I considered this a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, so instead of letting this managerial pressure take over my day I started using Klonopin to take the edge off my work week. While I was apprehensive at first about the possibility of prescription drug abuse, I soon realized that I was able to function much more easily and effectively around my employees. As my responsibilities grew in my newly appointed position, so did my tolerance for the drug, and what would be the beginning of my prescription drug abuse. It was easy obtaining whatever I needed from my girlfriend, who was a virtual one person pharmacy, so I began trying and comparing other similar sedatives and depressants to find out which would have the best effect.

I put nodding off at my office desk and other inappropriate places down due to over working, but it was when my employees began to notice my slowed down mental state and slurred speech that I decided to counter balance these symptoms with different types of stimulants. After a year of this drug seesawing and increasing dosage, I began to feel more permanent and psychotic effects changing my mental state. This is the point I knew I had developed a prescription drug addiction and instead of needing prescription drugs for help, I now needed help to break free from them.
I was originally quite worried about having to leave town and direct communication from my business, as my position requires me to be available for every workday. Thankfully while searching the web one day for executive drug rehab I found Seaside Palm Beach Executive Alcohol & Drug Rehab!

What really sold me on them was their understanding that I needed to stay in touch with my business during my treatment. I was able to work up to 3 hours each day over the phone and computer to uphold my business responsibilities and simultaneously receive the help that pulled me out of this desperate addiction. My counselors knew the severity of my combined prescription drug abuse right away. They were the first ones’ to actually explain to me the dangers of how fast tolerance builds with prescription drugs and pointed out which of my weaknesses and general personality traits left me vulnerable to abusing them. They also helped me discover strengths which I never knew I had and taught me how to utilize them effectively to naturally overcome my original work anxiety. It has been 5 months since I have left the executive drug rehab program at Seaside Palm Beach Executive Alcohol & Drug Rehab and I have felt stronger and in more control of my business than at any point when I was abusing my prescription medication.