Spiritual Recovery from Addiction

Spirituality in Rehab and Recovery

The idea of spirituality and faith leading a person to accomplish something great is not a new concept. For thousands of years, people from all over the world have prayed, chanted, meditated and have tried to connect with a higher power for guidance, clarity, strength and protection. The same ideas apply in recovery, as addicts are trying to slay their demons and get their lives back on the right track.

Spirituality in recovery is also not a novel concept, with every 12-step program leaning on faith and establishing a relationship with something greater than oneself as crucial principles. It is undeniable and has been proven through multiple studies that spirituality can be an incredible tool and guide in addiction rehab. Seaside Palm Beach offers spiritual therapy for patients of all faiths.

Benefits of Spirituality in Recovery

  • Makes one want to improve themselves
  • Allows a person to reexamine their morals and lifestyle
  • Promotes calmness and mental health
  • Offers incredible internal growth
  • Provides inspiration and strength

Let Faith Fill the Emptiness

People often initially choose to use and abuse drugs and alcohol because they are trying to fill a void in their lives. They may be dealing with depression, grief, anxiety, heartbreak, anger, or any number of other mental and emotional ailments. Eventually, they find that substance abuse hasn’t and can’t fill that void, and has only made things worse. Now the void is even larger, and they have an addiction or dependency to defeat in addition to emptiness in their life.

Spiritual therapy takes a patient on an explorative journey where they can connect or reconnect with God or some other higher power that they believe in. Even for patients who do not believe in God, spirituality therapy can be achieved through a connection with nature and several other ways. Spirituality has a unique meaning for everyone.

In many cases, our patients have been abandoned by their close friends and family members as a result of their habitual substance abuse. Not only can spirituality help fill that emptiness, but the peers and friends a patient meets along the way can become part of a recovering addict’s new community of friends.  This will help remove feelings of isolation that could lead to relapse following rehab.

We accept all faiths and denominations and have multiple religious leaders to provide spiritual therapy, exploration and counseling to any patient who desires it.


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