Luxury Rehab for Boomers

Targeted and Focused Addiction Care for Boomers

Baby Boomers seeking help for addiction and mental illness have their own specialized care needs that can make finding the right treatment difficult. Seaside Palm Beach’s Luxury Rehab Program for Boomers provides our aging boomer population with the expertise, compassionate environment and resources they need to heal and regain their mobility and independence. We understand the severe physical and lifestyle consequences that our older boomers face as a result of their substance abuse, and are committed to helping them reclaim their lives.

Program Objectives

The physical consequences of addiction can dramatically accelerate the aging process. At Seaside Palm Beach, we have developed an addiction treatment program that specifically addresses the needs of baby boomers. Our specialized program effectively and compassionately targets the physical health ramifications of substance abuse while developing a road map for long-term recovery through group and individual counseling. Our withdrawal management is supervised by world-class doctors and nurses. We offer a beautiful and comfortable environment for our boomer patients to heal and gain the strength they need to free themselves from their addiction.

Ultimately our goal is to illustrate to our patients that it is never too late for them to achieve lasting recovery. We have seen countless other boomers enter our facilities emotionally spent and stricken with debilitating pain and leave with the confidence, strength and energy they had prior to their substance abuse. Our Luxury Rehab Program for Boomers focuses on letting baby boomers physically mend at their own pace, while providing them the tools they need to sustain their recovery for the rest of their lives.

Behavioral Signs of Addiction in Boomers

Loved ones and physicians are urged to take certain behavioral signs seriously, especially if the individual is a heavy drinker or has been taking prescription painkillers as part of a medically prescribed pain management routine:

  • Increased irritability
  • Drastic change in sleeping habits
  • Sudden loss of interest in family and hobbies
  • Increased solitude
  • Dementia-like symptoms

Despite what many believe, these symptoms aren’t just “part of getting old” and should be addressed proactively to rule out a deeper-rooted problem.



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