Luxury Pain Medication Addiction Treatment

Seaside’s Luxury Pain Medication Addiction Treatment program was developed to give patients of means professional and compassionate first-class painkiller addiction treatment, while allowing them to maintain a lifestyle of advantage and luxury. Our patients have included injured professional athletes, artists, politicians and other individuals of affluence.

As one of the few facilities in the country that specializes in luxury pain medication addiction, our goal is to provide the highest level of comfort possible for our patients during the course of their treatment while helping patients manage their chronic pain without the continued use of harmful and addictive prescriptions. Our experience has shown the more energy our patients can devote to self-examination during their treatment, the higher their chance of achieving permanent sobriety in the future.

Expert Care in a Breathtaking Environment

After a thorough evaluation, patients undergo expert medical detoxification followed by comprehensive rehab designed specifically to address their care needs. Treatment takes place on our resort-like campus, the natural beauty of which rivals many popular vacation destinations. In between psychiatric therapy sessions with some of the nation’s most capable and accomplished mental health professionals, patients will be able to enjoy our many amenities including first-class suites, gourmet meals prepared by our in-house executive chef, full-service exercise facilities, swimming pool, recreational facilities and a beautiful tropical location.

“Many patients cite the discomforts and pains of rehab as their primary cause of relapse. Seaside Palm Beach does everything possible to keep patients focused on getting better. Our patients are equipped with every advantage as they fight this critical battle.”

Advantages of Luxury Pain Medication Addiction Treatment

Besides the best addiction care available, luxury pain medication addiction treatment patients are afforded the time and environment to reflect on the factors that contributed to their addiction, and approach possible solutions with a clean system and a fresh perspective. Seaside Palm Beach’s Luxury Pain Medication Addiction treatment program provides the best possible shot at permanent and definitive receovery from pain medication dependency.

Please call Seaside Palm Beach, 24/7 at (888) 997-3274 to begin your journey back to sobriety, and once again enjoy the fruits of your success. Our representatives are standing by to answer all your questions and address all your concerns.