Family Addiction Education & Support Group

Heal Together as a Family

No one feels the pain, shame and burden of drug or alcohol addiction more than an addict’s family. They’ve been firsthand witnesses to the damage addiction has caused and have seen how it has turned their loved one into someone they don’t recognize. Many may even feel bitterness and resent toward their addicted loved one.

Just as education is a valuable tool for addicts in recovery, it’s equally valuable for their families as well. The Seaside Palm Beach therapists know that a strong and informed family unit is the most powerful ally a patient can have.

We offer a support group for families of former and current patients to provide crucial information about addiction and recovery:

  • Education about addiction as a disease
  • The impact addiction has on the family
  • Each family members role in recovery
  • What to expect from their addicted loved one
  • What codependency and how to identify it

Group meetings are free of charge and are held every Wednesday from 7:30 – 8:30 pm at our parent facility, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches.


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