Luxury Alcohol Rehab

Comprehensive Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Our luxury alcohol rehab program begins with a thorough assessment by our licensed and experienced medical staff. We evaluate patients’ current level of alcohol abuse, and take a detailed history. We then design a customized recovery plan that blends the newest cutting-edge treatment methods with traditional practices. Our luxury alcohol rehab recovery program is geared toward treating the entire individual, not just their immediate addictions. This includes addressing the trauma or underlying mood disorder that initially precipitated substance abuse. Patients are more successful in their recovery when they are able to safely and constructively cope with the issues that initially drove them to drink.

Helping Patients Achieve Long-Term Success

The primary distinction between the Luxury Alcohol Rehab program at Seaside Palm Beach and others is our holistic approach and our focus on the mind-body-spirit connection. We start the alcohol rehab process by determining the root causes of patients’ alcohol problems. Then, while simultaneously treating their addictions, we work with patients to develop coping mechanisms and relapse prevention techniques so they can build a healthy overall lifestyle and avoid relapse.

Seaside Palm Beach starts from the premise that each patient is a unique individual with their own history and their own special set of needs. Research studies consistently show that there is a direct correlation between a higher level of customization in treatment and long-term recovery success.

Living Recovery Philosophy

Seaside Palm Beach is one of the few luxury alcohol rehab retreats in the country to feature a living recovery approach, enabling guests to stay in contact with their families and loved ones. We are not a “celebrity” rehab and have avoided taking an isolationist or reclusive approach to care. We realize that patients’ success hinges on their ability to repair their relationships with their loved ones and function properly in their daily lives, and never shield patients from the outside world.

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