Pain Pills Detox

Addressing the Many Aspects of Painkiller Addiction

The CDC has termed our nation’s chronic dependency on painkillers and opioids the worst drug epidemic in U.S. history. Our medication oriented culture, coupled with the fact that over a third of Americans are struggling with chronic pain, has created an atmosphere of rampant pain pill use, abuse, dependency and addiction.

Pain pill detox can be difficult for people trying to break their addictions for several reasons. First, many of them are dealing with very real pain that needs constant management. Due to accessibility and the immediate effectiveness of them, most have relied solely on opioids for pain relief. When painkiller use has been discontinued, many are still greeted by excruciating aches and pains that drive them back to the pills.

Another issue is the mental dependency created by prolonged abuse. Abruptly ceasing use of these painkillers will cause anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, and a host of over a dozen other withdrawal symptoms for addicts. Add in the fact that many abusers are doing so for the euphoric effect as well as the pain relief, and administering an effective pain pill detox becomes even more arduous.

Seaside Creates a Paradigm Shift

Attempting a self-detox from pain pills is often fruitless because an addict not only has to overcome withdrawal symptoms, they also need to learn new ways to manage pain and determine any other triggers for abuse. Seaside Palm Beach employs a medically supervised detoxification process, while simultaneously administering a full menu of drug-free pain management techniques and educating patients about how to handle pain in the future.

We account for a patient’s family history, physical health, addiction history and severity, and offer counseling and several therapies to help them defeat their psychological dependency. Our detox process leaves patients rejuvenated, invigorated and ready to power forward successfully in treatment.

Freedom from Opioid Addiction

While painkillers are effective in numbing and masking pain, they do not cure it or target the source. This causes pain to return, as well as the need to increase pill usage. Over the course of time, the body builds up immunities to the drugs, making them less effective and often leading individuals to believe they need more. This cycle continues until a strong dependency or addiction has taken hold.

Seaside Palm Beach gives patients the ability to remove the shackles of painkiller addiction, gain mastery over pain management and reclaim control of their lives.


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