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The first and arguably the most important step in drug rehab is an effective detox. Years of drug use leaves toxic debris in the body which can trigger urges for months and even years after drug use has ceased. Addiction is both physiological and psychological. Detox is the process of breaking an individual’s physical addiction to a certain drug or drugs by flushing out harmful toxins and giving them a fresh start.

At many drug rehab centers, they create the illusion of a pain-free detox – there is no such thing. When the body is strongly chemical dependent, physical withdrawal symptoms are unavoidable when drug use is discontinued. Seaside Palm Beach takes several precautions – including administering medication in select cases – to make the drug detox process as comforting and painless as possible.

We realize that many addicts are scared off from rehab by detox, or find themselves unable to handle the process. We have an established track record of utilizing an inspiring and motivating detoxification to get patients started in rehab on the right foot. Each of our detox patients receive 24-hour medical monitoring to assist in withdrawal symptom management and to ensure that the process is as responsibly executed as possible.

Complementary Counseling and Therapy

One of the shortcomings of many drug detox programs is their failure to address the psychological dependency created through continued drug abuse. Drug detox alone does not account for emotional symptoms such as anxiety, depression, restlessness, irritability and insomnia. Without addressing the mental aspect of addiction, an individual’s rehab is highly likely to be incomplete and end in a relapse.

Seaside Palm Beach utilizes mental health therapies to treat trauma disorders, group and individual counseling to help with mental health problems, and a wide range of other modalities to improve a person’s mental, physical and spiritual health.


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