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Detox from substance abuse, although necessary, is often a prolonged and unpleasant process due to the physical and emotional toll that it exacts on the individual going through it. There is absolutely no medical reason why this process has to be made more difficult by undergoing it in a cold, impersonal facility with none of the creature comforts we all appreciate in the rest of our lives. In fact, in the same way that attempting to detox from drugs and/or alcohol in a professionally supervised facility is more likely to be successful than “cold turkey” attempts on one’s own, detox in a luxury facility that offers additional levels of comfort can make the experience much less unpleasant than it would be otherwise, increasing the odds of a successful result.

The on-site luxury detox program at Seaside Palm Beach offers every possible amenity to give our patients the best chance for success. Our facilities are located along the Atlantic Ocean and equipped with semi-private 2-bedroom suites. According to many of our patients, the detox environment at Seaside Palm Beach has more similarities to a hotel stay than the cold, antiseptic hospital feel of other programs. This is because we understand that providing top quality medical care during detox does not require re-creating the typical institutional environment of a hospital (or worse yet, some other form of institution).

Of course, luxury amenities are not all we offer our guests; our medical and psychological professionals also provide the highest possible levels of care. Patients admitted into the Seaside Palm Beach detox program receive care and treatment from the most highly trained doctors, nurses and professionals in the industry.

We offer round the clock monitoring of withdrawal symptoms and are highly capable in administering effective symptom control treatments or responding to any health-related emergencies that may arise during detox.

This element is particularly important for individuals who may have additional, preexisting health conditions in addition to their substance abuse history.

Our detox professionals have experience treating addiction and abuse of a wide variety of substances (from illicit drugs such as heroin or cocaine to prescription drugs such as pain pills or suboxone to legal drugs such as alcohol) which each have their own unique features that can potentially complicate detox and later treatment. This breadth of experience enables them to personalize your detox program to your specific needs and address any issues that may present themselves during the detox process. They are also well-trained in techniques that can help bridge the gap between detox and further treatment, setting patients up for long-term success in treatment and beyond. This distinguishes them from facilities where detox and treatment are handled by completely separate entities (or where detox is viewed as the only component of treatment).


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