Relapse Prevention

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After spending several weeks separated from friends, family, work and many of the everyday things people take for granted; a relapse can be a devastating blow to a recovering addict. The investment of time and money may feel like a waste, those close to them may lose hope, and there’s a good chance the addict will not seek help again. This is an unfortunate reality for over 50 percent of recovering addicts within the first year following rehab.

There is a big difference between remaining sober in rehab and doing so at home. In residential treatment, there is constant supervision, no substances available, psychological treatment and several other things to occupy a person’s time. Upon release, the quality of the rehab and the knowledge recovering addicts gained during treatment will be put to the test.

When relapse does occur, it is often the result of inadequate or incomplete drug or alcohol rehab, or because the recovering addict has failed to apply what they learned in rehabilitation. In either case, Seaside Palm Beach has the experience and expertise to put a stop to relapse before it starts.

Relapse Prevention Begins Immediately

Our aim is for each patient to complete rehab and live a life of sobriety afterward – so we begin our six-week relapse prevention education on day one of treatment. During our initial evaluations, we will conduct a series of tests to determine the depth and scope of a patient’s addiction.

We then focus on building a patient’s self-awareness. What drives them to use substances? What feelings are associated with urges? What behaviors or environments are associated with substance abuse? The goal during this phase is for patients to identify the patterns that lead to substance abuse.

Once they have identified these personal trends, we then shift the focus to behavior modification. We want our patients to learn to avoid the situations and feelings that lead them to drinking and drug use. We also want them to understand the consequences of their reactions, and form healthier and more productive habits.

Stay Sober and Happy

There are several things that may induce a relapse, but they are generally centered around a person feeling depressed, stressed, alone, or with too much free time on their hands. Seaside Palm Beach prepares its patients for these inevitable feelings by arming them with education, new hobbies and a network of alumni for communal support.


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