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Rehab is only the beginning of recovery for an addict. During residential treatment, patients are immersed in a luxurious treatment facility, free of drugs, alcohol, distractions and temptation. Staying sober and on the right path during rehab is completely different than doing so on the outside. The experienced professionals at Seaside Palm Beach utilize an alumni network to help keep patients focused on recovery following reintegration into their regular lives.

A Built-in Safety Net

Relapse is one of the most devastating and discouraging things that can happen in recovery. Not only does it demoralize the individual in recovery, it also disheartens friends and family members. When a patient relapses, they may lose hope and falsely believe that they cannot defeat their addiction. Seaside Palm Beach stands alone in its commitment to its patients following rehab.

We remain in contact with the patient on a weekly basis to ensure that they are abstaining from substances, steering clear of dangerous situations which may cause temptation and getting stronger in recovery. We also make contact with two close family members or friends as an extra check to make sure our recovering patients are remaining sober. It’s is highly important that everyone is as honest as possible.

We’re Ready to Help at a Moment’s Notice

In the unfortunate event that one of our former patients experiences a relapse, we will make immediate arrangements to have them brought back in for treatment. A relapse is often a necessary step in recovery and not a moment to decide to give up. Our compassionate addiction care therapists will help get patients back on the right path.


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