The Most Bizarre Drug Smuggling Methods in History

The Most Bizarre Drug Smuggling Methods in History

Although illegal, illicit drugs can mean big money. Drug traffickers and cartels will stop at nothing to try and get their packages where they need to go. Because law enforcement is getting smarter and screening methods are getting better, many drug traffickers are always looking for unique ideas on how to transport drugs without getting caught. The result is a series of crazy and downright odd drug smuggling methods used around the world. 

Some of the Craziest Ways to Hide Drugs of All Time

There are several ways of trafficking drugs to try and conceal them, but not all of them are successful. While food is a common carrier, some drug smugglers have started to think outside the box. Especially when the cops start to catch on to a new drug trafficking technique, it may be time for the drug traders to try something new. Our luxury rehab center is sharing some of the most unique and strangest drug smuggling methods that people have tried. 

Jaws on Crack 

In Mexico City, one drug cartel tried to hide slabs of cocaine in frozen shark bodies being shipped to the United States in a freight ship. There were more than 20 shark corpses used and the total cocaine count was estimated to be more than a ton.1  

Gaming Addiction 

A 16-year old teen from Mexico used his Xbox to try and conceal over three pounds of methamphetamine worth almost $10,000. Border patrol stopped him after a drug-sniffing dog detected the meth, and he was turned over to ICE.2 

Putting the Pieces Together 

Jigsaw puzzles are a popular pastime, but some drug smuggles have transformed these games into another way to conceal drugs. One drug trade network used jigsaw puzzle boxes wrapped as gifts to transport cocaine. Police became wise to the game and started putting together the rest of the pieces of drug smuggling operation.3 

Build-A-Bear Drug Shop 

Nothing is more innocent than children’s stuffed animals except when they are filled with drugs. One drug-smuggling scheme involved several people transporting stuffed animals with oxycodone pills through the mail. After further investigation of these cuddly but pill-stuffed teddy bears, 16 people were charged.4

No Ifs, Ands, or Butts About It 

Not all strange drug trafficking techniques are cooked up by big drug cartels either. One man from Brazil was detained at the Lisbon International Airport after sewing bags of cocaine into swimming trunks that looked like extra butt padding.5 Airport security didn’t buy the fake butt implants and his real butt got in big trouble. 

Although these strange drug smuggling methods may be comical, getting involved with drugs or the illegal drug trade is no joke. No matter how clever or crafty you think you are being, you can still get caught. Illegally buying and selling drugs is a serious offense and using drugs can lead to negative consequences in various aspects of your life. It is better to get out of the drug trade and to get into a standard or luxury residential rehab immediately if you struggle with addiction. 

At Seaside Palm Beach, we understand that once you get hooked on drugs, it can be hard to stop. You may find yourself going to great lengths to continue to fuel your addiction including getting involved in the illegal drug trade. There is hope. Our inpatient drug rehab in Florida could help you quit and gain control of your life once more. 

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