Gourmet Meals

Satisfying the Most Discriminating Palates

Our patients receive the highest-quality culinary offerings prepared by our classically trained and highly experienced chefs. In fact, our menu rivals that of many fine restaurants and country clubs. Our philosophy is that meal planning should not only produce delicious meals, but should serve as an integral part of our residential experience. Our Executive chef, his staff, and our nutritional consultant collaborate to create individualized specialty menus in order to meet the dietary preferences and needs of all of our patients.

Our goal is to offer delectable gourmet meals, to promote and educate patients in optimal nutrition and to offer an outstanding dining experience. We strive to procure the freshest local seafood, farm fresh ingredients and organic foods high in nutritional value. This practice ensures that our meals are not only of the finest quality, but are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and omega 3s.

A diverse selection of seasonal fare is freshly prepared daily in order to satisfy patients during their stay. Seaside Palm Beach culinary department works hard so that our patients’ stay is a seamless transition from home. This assists our patients in staying focused on their recovery. This is just one more example of how Seaside Palm Beach continually goes above and beyond other rehabs to offer our clientele the very best and most personalized level of treatment.