Chris Herren’s Addiction

Chris Herren’s Addiction

Chris Herren was a phenomenal athlete from the start and his talents catapulted him into a professional basketball career in the NBA as a guard.

Chris Herren was a phenomenal athlete from the start and his talents catapulted him into a professional basketball career in the NBA as a guard. Although he was one of a handful of people who can say that they got to live their dream, unfortunately, bad habits from his teenage years festered and grew. Eventually, they were too much for Chris Herren, and they ruined his career.

Chris Herren’s addiction is another sad story of the devastating effects that drugs and alcohol can have on a person’s life. As a luxury drug rehab in Florida, we work with people every day who have fallen to the draw of drugs and alcohol, but more importantly, they have decided to get back up. Now sober and years removed, Herren’s drug use story has become an inspiring tale of hope for many people.

Unguarded: Chris Herren’s Addiction Story Revealed
In 2011, the full story of Herren’s addiction was revealed in the documentary Unguarded. The story goes in depth on Herren’s fall to drug addiction. The documentary focuses on Herren’s darkest days and fall from glory as drugs ruined his basketball career.

Chris Herren’s drug use began when he was a teenager. Although he was rising in fame for his basketball skills, his failed drugs tests set him back. He abused cocaine and alcohol, but heroin was his drug of choice. Always looking for that high, Herren overdosed more than once. Eventually, after becoming emotionally drained from his addiction, Herren finally decided to get sober and entered intensive treatment.

If you are struggling with the physical, mental, and spiritual toll of an addiction, our luxury holistic addiction treatment may be able to help.

The First Day: What Chris Herren Is Doing Now

Having premiered this year on ESPN, The First Day is the follow-up documentary to Unguarded. It focuses on Herren’s speaking engagements as he travels around the United States to once again share his story. Unlike many documentaries on drug abuse, The First Day focuses on prevention as its name relates to the first day of that slow downward spiral into addiction rather than after the addict has already hit rock bottom. He mostly talks to high schoolers since his own addiction problems started at this age.

Although the story of Herren’s addiction is already in film, his speaking engagements are raw. He focuses on the emotional rollercoaster of drug abuse, and it is not just about him anymore. Herren encourages the students to share their own tales, whether it is at the talk itself or later on. The powerful stories have brought many to tears and encouraged others to change their ways.

Whether you are a professional athlete yourself or you’re a champion in the boardroom, do not let addiction ruin what you have worked so hard for. Our luxury residential rehab program helps people like Chris Herren find their way back. To learn more about our programs and to begin your journey to recovery, reach out to us today at 888-280-4763.

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